30k Test Hike


I found a great looking trail that should provide me with a good idea of what an average-to-hard day on the Camino might be like. It’s actually two linked trails – the first is 22k, the second is between 7 and 10km depending on where the first one actually ends and where I exit.

I was going to hike it fully packed – taking everything I’ll have on the Camino (or something equivalent) including what I wear, but after the 14k earlier this week I think I’ll go minimalist and just see how I feel. My footwear situation is still sketchy and I don’t want any additional issues.

I haven’t walked that far in a long time, but the elevation change is not extreme. Also, I won’t be racing to get an albergue bed, so low stress as well. If I can keep up the pace established by my Lunchbreak 2k, and 14k Day, I could finish in about 6 hours. But this is a test, so I am not going to push it. I will “listen to my body” (common Camino advice!) and I even have someone to bail me out if I can’t deal with it

Regardless of how it goes, it will give me a baseline for where I am at physically and how some of the new gear works out!

Click here for the follow-up!


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