Beware the Camino Cops!

For some time now, I've been involved in a (mostly) great Camino Facebook group dedicated to helping people prepare for their Camino. It's full of (mostly) helpful folks, and I thought that posting my preparation "vlog" via my YouTube channel would be a welcome addition. And for quite some time it was - I gained … Continue reading Beware the Camino Cops!

I Got My Credencial! I got my Camino Credencial for free (with the purchase of a cool new book), as well as a waterproof case! BONUS: Camino Compostelas, Credencials, and Certificates . . . it can all get rather confusing. HERE I sort through these various documents and explain what each one does for the Camino pilgrim.

Compostelas, Credencials, and Certificates

In the beginning, Camino pilgrims brought back a scallop shell back from Santiago as proof of their pilgrimage. Once people started scalping (scalloping?) them, though, more authoritative means were required for proof. This began as letters of authentication which eventually evolved to certificates of completion of which there are now many. To make things more … Continue reading Compostelas, Credencials, and Certificates