SEE THE VIDEO HERE! So guess what? It looks like my Camino plans might be back on track....for 2023.CAMINO MMXX BACKSTORY As long-time readers / viewers know, this whole Backcountry Pilgrim thing began as "Camino MMXX" - a blog / YouTube channel dedicated to my (and my cousin's!) preparation to walk the Camino de Santiago … Continue reading Camino MMXXIII?

Will the Camino Reopen in 2020?

This channel began as a way to share my preparations for walking the Camino de Santiago in 2020 (in fact it was originally called Camino MMXX!). Today I was supposed to leave for Spain but alas, the Coronavirus panic has ruined those plans. So what is next? Is a fall Camino possible? Full video HERE!

Beware the Camino Cops!

For some time now, I've been involved in a (mostly) great Camino Facebook group dedicated to helping people prepare for their Camino. It's full of (mostly) helpful folks, and I thought that posting my preparation "vlog" via my YouTube channel would be a welcome addition. And for quite some time it was - I gained … Continue reading Beware the Camino Cops!