Rediscovering the Tahoe-Yosemite Trail

(Almost) California's First Long Trail The Tahoe-Yosemite Trail (hereafter, “TYT”) is California’s first long trail. Or it would have been, had it ever been officially completed. Long before the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) absorbed / replaced much of the TYT, the 180-mile route connected several national forest wilderness areas and parks stretching from Meeks Bay … Continue reading Rediscovering the Tahoe-Yosemite Trail


How to Get a Wilderness Permit to Backpack in Yosemite (2023)

Yes, You Need a Permit to Backpack in Yosemite Yosemite is an incredible place to backpack - and with over 750 miles of trail, you won't see many of its beautiful features without spending a night or two in the wilderness. Doing so, however, is not as easy as throwing on a pack and walking … Continue reading How to Get a Wilderness Permit to Backpack in Yosemite (2023)

Go Bag Gear List

In conjunction with my Go Bag Video, here is a list to help you plan what packs to use and gear to bring as you create your EDC / Emergency bag system. Note that this is a additive modular system. It is assumed that items from the one bag will be added to items in … Continue reading Go Bag Gear List

Hiking / Backpacking Checklist

Planning for a short day hike or an overnight backpacking trip can be daunting and even seasoned packers can make mistakes. That's why most have developed a checklist to make sure they do it right. Gear apps like Lighterpack and GearGrams have checklists for this very reason. Here's my checklist to help get you started … Continue reading Hiking / Backpacking Checklist