Go Bag Gear List

In conjunction with my Go Bag Video, here is a list to help you plan what packs to use and gear to bring as you create your EDC / Emergency bag system. Note that this is a additive modular system. It is assumed that items from the one bag will be added to items in … Continue reading Go Bag Gear List


Going BerZERK on the Camino!

The Mountainsmith Zerk 40 is fairly new on the scene, and it has some unique features created by Tom Gathman ("The Real Hiking Viking"). It's a frameless "fast pack" / "peak bagger" boasting eight reachable external pockets in addition to its large back mesh. Weighing in at under 2 lbs., this pack is designed for … Continue reading Going BerZERK on the Camino!

Shopping for My Camino Backpack (Again)

The struggle is real. As I wrote about in My Pack, my Camino gear journey began with the gift of the Osprey Exos 38. On paper, this was the perfect Camino pack - it seemed to work just fine on my first test hike, and held my gear perfectly on my first pack test. The … Continue reading Shopping for My Camino Backpack (Again)

A 60 Liter Backpack for the Camino???

It probably sounds crazy to even suggest taking a 60 Liter backpack on the Camino, and for good reason: They have too much space! They cost too much! They weight too much! Or do they??? Today's inexpensive, high quality, expandable backpacks are making such a choice a lot more reasonable. HERE I look at two … Continue reading A 60 Liter Backpack for the Camino???