Actually Waterproof Waist Pack Test


After my failed “Waterproof” Waist Pack Test, I decided to try out another product. Although the Blue Sky Basics Waterproof Pouch is the cheapest of any waterproof waist pack I’ve found on the market, it is also one of the highest rated. This was obviously too good to be true, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to return two bags after they both failed.

Except this one didn’t!



And no wonder – the bag has a triple sealed (Zip-loc style) top access panel plus Velcro to keep them all folded up. Any one of these would make for a waterproof closure, but having three of them plus folding the top over twice really seals the deal (see what I did there?). Once all this is done, the bag is not only waterproof, it is submersible!

I could tell just form looking at it that this wasn’t going to fail unless it had a hole in it or something but I ran the tissue test anyway. I ran water over the bag for a while, even unfolded the top to expose the seals. This caused no issue, it was all dry tissue.

OK it doesn’t have the easiest access and there is no built-in organization, but it’s really, truly, actually waterproof. For $8, I’ll take it!

For some reason they are only sold in pairs and one of them is see-thru, which seems weird. That’s fine, I will use the see-thru one as a dry bag for my health and hygiene kit and the other can be my waist pack.



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