Extended Training: 4 Days, 4 Hikes

Yosemite 4 Day Hikes

After a tough August, I got to go play for a few days. To “prepare for my Camino” (*wink*), I went to my beloved Yosemite for 4 days and did 4 great hikes. The total distance was 52k with an elevation total of 5,700′:

  • Taft Point & Sentinel Dome: 7k, 830 ft, 2 hrs
  • Cloud’s Rest: 20k, 3100 ft, 11 hrs
  • Dewey & Crocker Points: 14.5k, 1600 ft, 6hrs
  • Indian Rock: 10k, 230 ft, 5h

Some of my favorite pics in no particular order:






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