10 Month State of the Camino Address

10 month camino mmxx

Ten months ago today, after a couple of years of intermittent discussions of half-made plans, my cousin and I decided to walk the Camino Primitivo in May of 2020.

Since Then

February 6th: Started Blog

Fifteen months seemed like a very long time to wait for our Camino, so I thought a blog  would be a good way for us to keep focus and motivation up as the months passed. I started buying and reviewing gear, taking (more) hikes, and blogging about it.

10 months later: we have posted 95 articles – many of which are linked to a YouTube Channel . . .

June 11th: Started YouTube Channel

I (Doug) spent the next few months gorging on YouTube videos about the Camino and hiking in general. After a while, I realized that maybe I could do the same thing so that others could follow along with me as I learned and prepared for my Camino. So I set up my phone in front of a cheap background, nervously hit the record button, edited the footage, and uploaded my first video to my own channel!

10 months later: I have posted 45 videos and currently have 10 more in various stages of production. I plan to post weekly until we leave, then follow up with a “Debrief” video and a “Movie” made from pics and footage from our Camino. After that, I may continue with more theological content. We’ll see.

Current State of Camino Prep

While I love planning and gear, my goal is to be “done” with that part by the end of the year. That seems reasonable – I mean, it shouldn’t take more than ten or eleven months to pick out a backpack, right? LOL

Although it still seems far off, 2020 is right around the corner, and come January we’ll only have four months left to prepare and I am still not in the shape I want to be in. I think I could do the Camino physically right now – but I want to really enjoy it. That means dropping weight, toughening feet, and gaining muscle / cardio. I want to train as I will walk – and that means knowing what I am taking. So I need to stop obsessing about gear pretty soon haha.


I am giving my self until the holidays are over to finish up gear reviewing and planning so I can focus on physical and mental preparations. I want to get on a diet and get back to my daily/weekly/monthly training regime.



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