How To Map Your Hikes / Runs / Walks

Well this was kind of fun. Did an experimental “RELIVE” video today at lunch. It’s not too difficult once you get all your accounts and devices linked. Check it out HERE.

How To Use the RELIVE App

Step 1: Download the free Relive app and set up an account.
You could just use this app with your GPS and be good to go. If you want to import previous maps into Relive from another app (e.g., I use MapMyRun), or you just want to stick with another app for activity recording, you might want to see if it will work with Relive (e.g., unfortunately Strava no longer works).
Step 2: Run Relive or another compatible GPS tracker app while you go on a hike / run / walk.
Step 3: Take pictures with your phone while tracking is on (this allows Relive to automatically add pictures to your map at the locations where they are taken.
Step 4: If you used another app, download the map file so you can import it into Relive.
Step 5: Log in to Relive and let it make a video out of your file! When it’s done, you’ll have a cool 3D video including pictures of your activity!

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