Lunchbreak 2k


My jobs for the last 20 years or so have basically consisted of sitting at a desk and looking at a screen for 8-10 hours a day. The health benefits of such positions are . . . low.

Making the situation worse is the fact that I am pretty lazy when it comes to things I don’t enjoy, and exercising for the sake of exercise is mentally challenging for me. I’ll kill myself all day to stand on top of a cool waterfall – but walking / jogging in a circle (or . . . ugh . . . on a treadmill) just isn’t happening most days.

But it’s more fun than working, right?  (Actually I love my current job, which makes getting away even harder).

So, in the interest of prepping for the Camino (and not dying before I turn 50), I found a 2k route around the office neighborhood that I can easily walk on a lunch break. I typically walk it in about 20-25 minutes. At 20 minutes (6km/hr) my shins have been burning, so if I take it down to about 5k/hr I feel fine.

It’s not much, but 2k/day is better than 0k/day!



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