Wet Weather Clothing


I generally dislike being wet. I hate the clingy, itchy feeling of wet clothes. Also, my hair is very short – so when my head gets rained on, I feel every drop. Irritating.

I also don’t like being too hot. Or too cold. Basically I want to be enveloped in perfect comfort at all times.

Perfect candidate for the Camino, eh?

OK to be real, I am actually not afraid to get messy. I actually love slogging through the elements if I am properly prepared. My wet weather gear currently consists of a Marmot jacket (outer shell) and waterproof snow pants. The jacket is fine but the pants are too hot and heavy for a jaunt through the mountains of Spain (as least I hope so – it doesn’t snow on the Camino in Spring does it???).

While I could probably settle for something like the Kokatat Odyssey Drysuit, I’d need more time than I have to save up $1,300 for just one piece of Camino gear. Plus my kids like to eat and stuff, so . . .

While considering options, I discovered Frog Toggs on my cousin’s Pinterest page. I was skeptical – an ultra-lightweight, waterproof, breathable, rain suit for $25? Yeah, right. Why would anyone buy Gore-Tex when these things existed?

Well, for $25 it was worth a trial run and hopefully soon I will test it on a rainy “Lunchbreak 2k“.


2 thoughts on “Wet Weather Clothing

  1. Congrats on your upcoming Camino! The Primitivo is a great route.
    As for raingear, I’ve had good luck with coated nylon. It’s non-breathable, which is my personal experience warmer and dryer than things like Goretex, and a lot cheaper. The breathability was never an issue, as the rain in Spain falls mainly in the mountains, where it’s cold and one doesn’t perspire too much.
    That said, if you’ve found a good option for $25, can’t beat that.


    1. Thanks Ron! Great point about temperature. Looks like when we want to go it will be in the 45 -65 degree range so heat isn’t an issue. Hmmmmm.
      Wait, though – “The rain in Spain falls mainly in the mountains”??? That’s not how it goes! 🙂


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