Self-Cleaning Washcloth?

91EJxi0OxPL._SL1500_I use two washcloths a day.  Yep – and I hate reusing them, they never smell or feel clean the second time.  The Primitivo will take my Cuz and me a little over two weeks – that’d be a lot of washcloths!  Well – of course I won’t be filling my pack with them, I’ll have to get over myself.  I ran into a product on Amazon I thought might be a solution and gave it a try: Lunatec Self-cleaning Travel Washcloth.

Amazon says they are “odor-free, quick drying and light exfoliation.  Wash cloth is ideal for camping, backpacking, showers, gyms and boating.  Compliments any towel.”

I mean – perfect, right????


See this happy lady?  Why is she happy?  I was not happy.


Notice the end of the description:  compliments any towel.  Turns out this is a vital piece of information that I ignored. I discovered what they meant was actually, “that happy lady has a towel right next to her to actually get all the water off of her face because these mesh net thingies just move water all over the place leaving you feeling like a drowned rat.”

Of course they are quick drying!  Plastic mesh doesn’t absorb anything!  Ug.

I think you can guess my verdict as for their uses as a washcloth.

I did find a use for them: they are perfect for cleaning the gunk off the bottom of our boat while swimming at anchor!!!  So – they were right about the boat part.


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