Lenten K’s

Lent Ks

I am dedicating Lent this year to Camino preparation.

First, I am going to give up some laziness by sleeping less and walking more. The Lunchbreak 2k’s were a great start, but they are pretty short and difficult to do in work clothes. So I decided to find routes closer to home that I can do in the morning instead of blissfully sleeping in.

My neighborhood is a maze of streets that look like they were planned according to some lunatic’s drawings on the walls of his padded cell, but they do make it relatively easy to plan routes of any exact distance. I figure I’ll start with the 2k’s just to get used to waking up earlier and then increase the distance as I can. (Sidewalk walking gives me shin splints if I don’t go at a pretty leisurely pace – which I usually don’t – so we’ll see how that goes.)

I also need to lose weight. Although I don’t really overeat, I enjoy sugar way too much. So I am going to try to pass on at least the overt sugars in my food.  I’m not going to go crazy and eat only cardboard or anything, but leaving sugar out of coffee and no sodas, candybars, cookies, etc. is the plan.

And more water. Blah blah blah.

Anyway today is Fat Tuesday, so I’m going to go finish my large mocha and eat a box or two of Nilla Wafers before the pancake dinner tonight.

Don’t judge me. (And expect some hangry posts over the next few weeks haha.)


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