EarplugsI’m a pretty light sleeper, and recurring noises drive me crazy at night when I am trying to sleep. As every peregrino will verify, dozens of exhausted pilgrims sleeping in the same albergue room make earplugs a Camino sleep system essential.

The other night was a perfect time to test my earplugs. My wife and I have any number of our children piled onto our bed disrupting our sleep – and since it’s California allergy season, we’re all wheezing and snoring our way through the night lately.

They worked pretty well. One nice surprise was that these plugs were so soft and fit so well that I could lay on my side without danger to my eardrums. I could still hear the louder of the breathing-challenged individuals (names withheld) but all was muffled and did not keep me awake. (I even had a vivid Camino dream involving me telling a singing pilgrim that either he had to go ahead ten minutes or he’d have to let me get 10 minutes ahead of him!)

So the test was successful but not fully satisfying. I may need headphones for music for anything much noisier.


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