Marmot Assessment Correction

Marmot Precip Retest

We all make mistakes, and I’ve made several on this Camino prepping adventure. One, however, I really feel bad about and want to rectify right now.

Marmot Gear

Over the years – and without meaning to – I’ve amassed a nice collection of Marmot hiking gear. The first “technical” rain jacket I ever bought – and still use – is a Marmot (the model isn’t listed on the tag, it’s either a Precip or its precursor). The beanie I got when I did Yosemite Falls is Marmot. My rain pants are Marmot (also Precips). My recently acquired (and first) GoreTex jacket is a Marmot Minimalist.

Marmot just makes rocking gear. Period.

My Bad

So it was with great sadness that I reported my go-to rain jacket’s failure to keep me dry on one of my initial waterproof gear tests. While that did happen, I didn’t know why – and given that so many “waterproof” products aren’t, I assumed this was just another example.

nikwaxThen as I wandered through REI one day, I noticed bottles of Nikwax on sale. I read the labels and consulted as salesperson who told me that if you don’t wash your waterproof jackets in the stuff, they’ll lose their waterproof abilities.

Wait what???

Yeah, I didn’t know this. (In my defense, the jacket tag says nothing about it haha).

Waterproof Gear Test (pt. 2)

So I  bought the Nikwax, and followed the instructions for washing my poor neglected jacket. Later, after testing my Altra RSM’s, I decided to hose myself down in my  newly Nikwax-washed jacket and guess what?

It pretty much worked perfectly. I even put paper towels in the pockets where my phone got wet and they came out completely dry.

Now, I haven’t taken it on a long-term rainy hike, so it might wet out after a period of time as most waterproof gear will, but it’s definitely a huge improvement.


So, for the record, Marmot rocks and the Precip jacket is waterproof (or at least very water resistant) – even after years of abuse.

I remain a dedicated fan.


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