I Got My Shell!

Shell unboxing

I got my shell!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found this excellent store on Etsy called Spirit of the Camino.

First, the order arrived WAY before expected! I was literally shocked when I got the package.

Second, the shell was PERFECT. It was exactly what I hoped for. Not only was it well-made, it was well-packaged. But for a few seconds, I didn’t think it was . . .

Third, I nearly panicked when I heard rattling in the package. The shell wasn’t broken though –  there was a small gift included! I won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s something I had planned on getting as a gift for others myself! nothing like a little Camino bling.

Finally, the owner, Gayle, took the time to write a thoughtful, encouraging note on the receipt.

So if you are looking to get your Camino shell before arriving in Spain, I highly recommend Spirit of the Camino.

Camino Shell Unboxing Video:

Unboxing My Camino Shell.png


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