Vlogging Camino!

YTCamino MMXX – Now on YouTube!

A big part of my Camino prep has been watching videos (“Vlogs”) of other people preparing for (or returning from) their Camino (See Links for some of them). I decided that it would be fun to do it myself!

But You’ve Never Been on the Camino!

Correct. My Camino resume is currently blank.

However, I have done some backpacking through Europe while staying in hostels, and I have spent a fair amount of time outdoors since then. Those activities are very different from going on the Camino, but many of the principles translate well.

Setup and Result

Plus when I am done, I’ll have the full story and viewers can enjoy the whole journey with me.

Blogging or Vlogging?

Both / And!

I’m not giving up blogging, because I enjoy writing. In fact, I will be using a lot of the material I have blogged on to make the videos – and I’ll link to them in the relevant articles.

Vlog Gear

Although I have done a few appearances on video, I am totally new to vlogging. I’m not going to drop a bunch of money into this project (all the gear pictured above came to about $75) – but I should be able to attain some quality. And if the channel takes off, I’ll monetize and retire to the Caribbean!


My Camino is nearly a year away and I am easily distracted. Stuff like this keeps my focus and motivation up. I hope others will enjoy this new project as well!

Here is the channel link:  CAMINO MMXX. If you enjoy it, please Like the videos, Subscribe to the channel, and Click the Bell to be notified when new videos are posted!



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