Powering Through the Camino

power systemI plan to carry a few devices that require power on my Camino (phone, camera, and headlamp). These will require charging, and from what I hear power outlets are at a premium in many locations on the Camino.

I am sure that most if not all of today’s pilgrims will also be carrying rechargeable tech, so if an albergue can run out of beds (1:1 pilgrim ratio), then they will certainly run out of outlets to plug all this stuff in (many:1 pilgrim ratio)!

Seems Legit

So my plan is to carry a small power strip plus a quick-charge power bank that can be used as backup. I can plug my strip (with Euro adapter) into one outlet and expand it to two. Then I can charge multiple devices while leaving outlets and USBs for others.

Here’s the setup ($79 on Amazon):

Energético Camino!


I’ve made a few changes since this post, to see them click the video below!



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