3rd 14k Day

3rd 14k

This weekend I found a bit of time so I did my local 14k hike for the third time since my first 14k Day. This time I used the All Trails app to log my distance and times and stuff. it’s very helpful and I learned a few things.

First, it’s 14.5k total. OK, not a big deal, but hey.

Second, I am apparently getting stronger because my first time through took nearly a half hour longer and I was hurting at the end. This time I was tired at the end but there was no soreness and I required no recovery time.

Third, my Altra’s are so great! I got hot spots in my boots the first time I hiked this trail and none this time around even thought I wore regular cotton socks. (Note that it was in the 90’s this time and 40’s the first time.)

Fourth, it looks like I went up to a 5k/hr average which is a gain on my 4k/hr speed on the first hike.

Training is paying off!


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