3rd 14k Day

This weekend I found a bit of time so I did my local 14k hike for the third time since my first 14k Day. This time I used the All Trails app to log my distance and times and stuff. it's very helpful and I learned a few things. First, it's 14.5k total. OK, not … Continue reading 3rd 14k Day


Magic Shoes 2.0 – Testing the Altra Lone Peak RSM

Well I finally did it. Ever since I discovered the Altra Lone Peak "Magic Shoes" I've been itching to test out the waterproof version of the model (the "RSM" - short for rain, snow, mud). This week (thanks to a free $100 REI gift card and their annual sale) I got my chance. Why So … Continue reading Magic Shoes 2.0 – Testing the Altra Lone Peak RSM

Boots vs. Shoes

Boots vs. Shoes (aka The Eternal Struggle) There is probably not a more debated topic on Camino gear than footwear. There exists a range of die-hards supporting nearly every imaginable option from bare to sandals to walking shoes to trail shoes to hiking boots. Even post-Camino advice doesn't follow a single track. Several bloggers left … Continue reading Boots vs. Shoes