First Packing Test


So here’s my Camino gear laid out in all its glory. What a lot of stuff! Do I really need all this junk? Will it even fit in my pack?

Yes, I agree – it looks like a lot – and while I am not a minimalist, this seems excessive. Let’s start from square one and see what all this is.

(For the video, see: GEAR LIST AND FIRST PACKING!)



OK so let’s start with the ultimate in minimalism: nothing! OK so I am on the Camino with no clothes and that’s likely going to be a problem so firs things first – get dressed.

For full coverage, I will put on a hat, buff, shirt, underwear, pants/shorts, sock liners and socks, and shoes. Note that at this point I haven’t actually packed anything, because these clothes are on my body.


But I will need some packed clothes as backups or at least something to wear while I am laundering my worn clothes. So that basically means doubling everything. Instead of doubling my shoes, I will bring sandals for around town or to switch things up on the walk. And yes, there is a second hat there.


In case of bad weather, I’ll need rain gear. While I might opt for a rain kilt, I am going to assume pants for the packing test.



Now that I am dressed, prepared to do laundry, and ready for rain, it’s time to hike. For that I am bringing trekking poles. I am also keeping sunglasses in a protective case (they’re prescription – probably not easy to replace).


Food and drink will be transported in a water bottle system. I’ll also bring some other items like my tactical spork in case of ninja attack.


I’ll need some hygiene items including the all-important towel. Those will go in a waterproof bag (I’ll have another for a waist pack that will contain valuables and basically never leave my side). Then comes the sleeping system which currently consists of a liner, long johns, and a down jacket.


I am also bringing some tech, Camino “bling,” and my shell of course. Now it’s time to pack up.

Packing Time!

The (packed) clothes fit easily into an 8 liter dry bag (yellow), and the sandals will ride on the outside of the pack. Those knee wraps would have fit too but I may not pack those together with the clothes and the hat will be separate for sure.


The rain gear also packs down into some stuff sacks.


Next comes the sleep system – each piece has its own stuff sack which is good because it is a more modular system and parts of it may serve as a pillow.


That just left some of the miscellaneous items, some of which will ride on the outside of the pack either strapped or in stretch pockets.



The Osprey Exos 38 seems to be a perfect size for what I plan to bring. For the gram geeks out there, my base weight came in at just under 17 lbs. Certainly not “ultralight” but not bad for my first go-round.


Buen Camino!






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